Sahil Chawla

Co-founder and CEO

Sahil Chawla is the co-founder and CEO of Tsecond Inc., a company founded in the Bay Area in 2020 with a mission to reform the global datasphere by developing technologies that reimagine how enterprises and organizations activate big data to drive insights and innovation.

Sahil also heads Tsecond Generation Technology, a company that nurtures inventiveness and has worked in the area of real-time monitoring of fuel events. They have US and India patents for their products Smart DG and E-funnel.

Born and brought up in a small town in India, Sahil was always appalled by how many businesses made a lot of money but not necessarily a significant influence to the society they belong to.

Sahil holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in Computer Science. Keen about technology from a very young age, Sahil had carved an outline of his Business Plan when he was just 16 years of age. He believes that we are living in an age where technology drives a lot of our choices and lifestyle and he wants to direct that influence towards the betterment of human lives. His beliefs and values can be best defined through a quote he wrote to himself while still in high school – “While the past is our experience, the present is an investment to live the dreams we see for our future.”

With near to a decade’s experience, Sahil feels that he has a long way to go and hopes to be able to create an ecosystem where innovation never stops.