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We believe in empowering businesses across industries by solving their data challenge.


By integrating our BRYCK® Platform with the existing infrastructure of enterprises and organizations, ensuring that our clients achieve their desired outcomes effortlessly.


A one-stop solution for data activation and management between Edge, Data Center and Cloud.

How we change

the data landscape.



Massive data generation in unconventional places
A challenge for data collection
Petabyte-capable & portable solution
Ensures secure data capture and migration at all times


Transporting mass data
From point A to B – requiring several weeks to months
Data transfer optimized at
40 GB/s

And completed in just one trip


Stringent environmental conditions
Necessitating support for high-temperature, vibrations, impact etc
A robust and unique design
Allowing seamless operation even in the most challenging conditions.

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the BRYCK®platform

1. Capture all data

2. Process data faster

3. Move data rapidly

4. Store/Upload data

Fast. Secure.


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Capture, process, move and Store/Upload Data

Deploy anywhere Data is generated

Speed Data Processing/ Analytics at the Edge

Reduce the cost of moving large data

Network-Free Data Transport

Secure Data transfer


Activate your Data

No Vendor Lock-In

Lower TCO

Discover our
expanded solution


DataDart is a high-capacity data transport service that allows efficient, secure and network- independent data migration. Streamline your data movement by integrating the vendor-agnostic DataDart with your existing storage solutions.
1. Assess your needs
2. Migrate your data with DataDart
3. Return and reuse

Scale goes both ways

A holistic data solution for the Edge with minimal footprint.

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Tsecond won Best Audience Choice Award at G20 Digital Innovation Alliance Summit 2023 in Secured Digital Infrastructure domain

TiECon 2023 Silicon Valley recognized Tsecond as one of the Top 50 Innovatie Companiesfor 2023

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) recognized Tsecond as one of the Top 50 Innovative Companies- 2022

Tsecond won Company of the Year Award at ET Now Leaders of Tomorrow Awards in Electrical and Electronics segment.

Tsecond was honoured as Visionaries of Vidarbha in the Coffee Table Book revealed at Advantage Vidarbha 2024 , Nagpur, India.

Recognized as one of the 10 Hottest Data Storage Startups of 2021 by CRN. Listed amongst top Emerging vendors 2022 by CRN

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